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We all have to die anyway, so. We should be wasting our time taking them down in the field, wherever they are, in fact we should be now heading for Iran and not waiting for Jewish (or American) people to do the dirty job, or waiting for a big European (or American) city to go down in flames first. But no, we are worried to take them out of Guantanamo and play with papers at ONU, EU and so on.
Cum catapultae proscriptae erunt tum soli proscript catapultas habebunt.



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Ina estou a levar tanto na carola, mas porque é que ainda me meto nisto?

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Ora vejamos. Vou lá ver.

sexta ago 11, 10:54:00 da tarde  
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If a single "victor" would have to come out, I would much rather live under the premises of a hebrew, "westernalized" or even corporate country, than bowing to mass obscurantists who send kids to madrasahs and kick women for showing an ankle.

Don't tell me about minorities, *we* are the minority as we can perceive by whomever has been elected in *our* and *their* countries alike. The fanatics, here and there, rule.

Thing is, I'm not gonna blow Hasan's house if he draws a cartoon of George Bush having it up his ass. Hasan just might for Muhammad.

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