Lou Reed, sempre...

Maybe I should go and live in Amsterdam
in a side street in a big canal
spend my evenings in the Van Gogh Museum
what a dream, Van Gogh Museum

Maybe its time to see Tangiers
a different life-style some different fears
and maybe I should be Edinburgh
in a kilt in Edinburgh

Doin' a modern dance
doin' a modern dance

Or maybe I should get a farm in Southern France
where the winds are wispy and the villagers dance
and you and I we'd sleep beneath a moon
moon in June and sleep till noon

And maybe you and I could fall in love
regain the spirit that we once had
you'd let me hold you and touch the night
that shines so bright, so bright with fright

Doin' a modern dance
doin' a modern dance

Shit, maybe I could go to Yucatan
where women are women, a man's a man
ah, no one confused, ever loses place
with their place in the human race

Maybe I'm not cut out for city life
the smell of exhaust, the smell of strife
and maybe you don't wanna be a wife
it's not a life being a wife

Doin' a modern dance
doin' a modern dance

So maybe I should go to Tanganyika
where the rivers run, down mountains tall and steep
or go to India to study chants
and lose romance to a mantra's dance

I need a guru, I need some law
explain to me the things we saw
why it always comes to this
it's all downhill after the first kiss

Maybe I should move to Rotterdam
maybe move to Amsterdam
I should move to Ireland, Italy, Spain
Afghanistan where there is no rain

Or maybe I should just learn a modern dance
where roles are shifting the modern dance
you never touch you don't know who you're with
this week, this month, this time of year
this week, this month, this time of year



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Hoje é mais Filter.

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